Monday, November 24, 2014


I love it when I can get two for one.

I just started working on the prompts for #Daily_Doodle over on the Twitter. (I will call it "the Twitter" until I am better at hashtags and the whatnot...right now, I'm the mean old lady who can't quite figure it out so I hate it. <grin>)

The first one I did was #mypetsloth

So, YAY! It works for slow too!

Monday, November 10, 2014

neglected-indecisive UPDATE

I forgot. I hate blue. Except for hippos. <grin>

 Yeah, I've fiddled with the image some more. I am the single most indecisive person when it comes to spending my money and my own work. ARRRGGGH.

 I have been sadly neglecting my happy little blog. A couple of projects and a month has flown by.

But, I think I've finally settled on a promo image. It's only taken many options and a lot of ick. YAY!

And this is how I am feeling about trying to make a promo piece I like. <ugh!> (and Nellie Olsen is awesome.)