Thursday, November 14, 2013

IF-energy-UPDATE (and IF-tail)

Final. Begrudgingly posted.

A friend of mine messaged me after the IF-tail prompt went up and (with just a smidge of mockery...just a smidge) wrote that I was going to finish this piece and was going to post this for IF Tail (because...kites have tails).

The message came just as I had sat down to start rendering this piece to post on IF-tail...because, kites have tails.

I was gobsmacked...and a little indignant that I had become that predictable.

My first instinct was to NOT to go to final and NOT post it...because, you know, so they wouldn't be right....and send back a smug message saying that I was never considering doing anything of the sort.

But, they WERE right...I was going to do EXACTLY what they had said.

So, it's posted, for IF-Tail.....because kites have tails. And, I am a lucky girl to have friends that know me so very, very well.

Wasn't able to get to final render.....hoping to jump back on this tonight....Ben is kind of begging for a good render. Dying to get into the sky.

Here is the flatted color piece with the basic color palette...<and a few tweeks to the layout....wanted more sky> step, the fun part, all of the shading and whatnot....fingers crossed I'll be updating this post soon.


  1. this is a really cool image and I am glad that you posted it

  2. How did I miss this one?!!! LOVE!!! Both versions! & yes, kites DO hate tails..... :)