Thursday, November 14, 2013

IF-energy-UPDATE (and IF-tail)

Final. Begrudgingly posted.

A friend of mine messaged me after the IF-tail prompt went up and (with just a smidge of mockery...just a smidge) wrote that I was going to finish this piece and was going to post this for IF Tail (because...kites have tails).

The message came just as I had sat down to start rendering this piece to post on IF-tail...because, kites have tails.

I was gobsmacked...and a little indignant that I had become that predictable.

My first instinct was to NOT to go to final and NOT post it...because, you know, so they wouldn't be right....and send back a smug message saying that I was never considering doing anything of the sort.

But, they WERE right...I was going to do EXACTLY what they had said.

So, it's posted, for IF-Tail.....because kites have tails. And, I am a lucky girl to have friends that know me so very, very well.

Wasn't able to get to final render.....hoping to jump back on this tonight....Ben is kind of begging for a good render. Dying to get into the sky.

Here is the flatted color piece with the basic color palette...<and a few tweeks to the layout....wanted more sky> step, the fun part, all of the shading and whatnot....fingers crossed I'll be updating this post soon.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A whole lot of random.

I really liked these characters, so I did a second piece with the same kids. I originally did a full color render of the first image....still not pleased with the final results. I'm thinking of taking these both just to black and white....or just leaving them as is...not sure yet.

Also....Klytus, I'm bored....<I was quoting Flash Gordon the whole day I ended up sketching this>

....and, of course.....because you can't draw just Ming.   

Don't know if anything will end up in final, but they were fun to work on.