Saturday, September 7, 2013

waving and IF lush sketch

Waving HI!

I keep thinking that I'm posting things, only to find that I haven't.

Summer was nothing but hectic, and fall is looking to be the same way. I have to remind myself that I still need to draw selfishly, not just for clients. The problem is that I do like getting paid, so, as much as I want to just sketch, work work has to come first.

Not complaining....nothing better than getting paid for doing stuff you like to do!

I need more hours in the day and a hand that doesn't get tired. <maybe a good kick in the ass too...just to get me kickstarted again>

Here was my IF....I really wanted to take it to color, because since it is lush, the whole thing was going to be pink. <grin>


  1. This totally made me laugh!!!
    Busy is good!!! And getting paid for what you love to do is even better! (still haven't quite managed that - at least not steadily, anyway!) For that, I will forgive you for infrequent blog posts - but only for that! ;)

    1. Hi Mit! I've been so neglectful of my online co-workers!