Monday, July 29, 2013


This was a quickie drawing for Duck Duck Gorilla that ended up as a thank you for dragging my hippo cards all around Comic Con.

I have a really bad habit of drawing things that are my friends' ideas. This is a textbook case.

I don't do it on purpose, and I always feel bad afterwards....but, for some reason, their ideas always seem better than mine and when I am mindless sketching.

I try and chalk it up to me sketching better than I describe things...but, I think it might be just laziness and their ideas are already in my head. <grin> I always send the drawings off to the offended friend and never use them for myself....<except now and even here, I asked permission.....because I ask and apologize for everything...part of my epic awkwardness>

So, the bright side of me swiping my friends' ideas? Presents.

 Always atone for your sins. <grin>

....and is the long story of how I ended up with a finished illustration of ducks and gorillas. The End.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I love him. I've been calling him Edwin.....I think I'll be drawing a lot more of him.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

off to ComicCon....

.....well, I'm not, but my all four of my superheroified hippos are....kind of like a strange "flat stanley" project.

They will be happily tucked into my pal John's <thanks John> bag....along with a piece for his upcoming show in LaJolla....if you are close in September, you should stop in. I'm in awe of his vector skills. Simply in awe.

Let me know if you spot one if you are there......would love to know where they end up.

(Can I tell you how great is it to collaborate with someone who lives in California and is going to this show so I don't have to? Everyone should get themselves one.)

I just realized that I double posted in IF this week......because I am some kind of a moron....oh well, I guess this makes up for the weeks I haven't posted. Sorry about that! <grin>

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Traveling. In style.



finalish (still needs a background, but I'm stumped)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IF-I miss it.

I miss Illustration Friday.

I haven't participated in the last few weeks.....the prompts just have done nothing for me....either a noun <which is never the most fun thing to draw> or something way too topical or political for this girl. I should stretch myself and press forward, but fun drawings shouldn't be work. <grin>

Fingers crossed for a nice happy adjective or verb next week! I want to come back!