Sunday, June 30, 2013

another promo idea

Got to thinking that my kind of obscure superhero hippos that I love might be kind of limiting my audience. (I am going to print some up for Comic Con...but, a small run)

Here's the second idea I was working on this week.

I like it....not quite in love with it yet....for sure not committed to it enough to spend money on printing for it. It's close....closer than the hippos. I have another idea, so we'll see. At this rate, I'll just keep padding the portfolio and never print anything. <grin>...because I'm cheap and picky.

But, yay! More drawings. <haven't been thrilled with the IF prompts lately, so these are filling the gaps until we hit a word I like>


  1. I am with you on the IF prompts. Try Scholastic Story Starters...they are great fun!!!! I love your superhero hippos btw. Unique and funny. Great tension and energy. I can't stop laughing about that helmet on his horn. Maybe, give them a sense of place???? Like, a city skyline or a small town street front to ground them??? Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. And that's the part I was having trouble with...the background. I actually drew several, but they all took away from the action....going to let it sit for a few days and revisit because I really like the characters. Thanks Jenn....I love getting feedback from my digital work friends!

  3. LOVE it!!! The movement & speed is coveyed perfectly!!! And their expressions are priceless! A great portfolio piece as-is! And boy, can I relate to "cheap and picky!!!" Yeah, not too thrilled with the IF prompts lately either. Sigh.