Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IF-tension (updated IF-liquid)

Because I have no patience and am a slave to instant gratification....which can cause tension with my collaborator (see...I tied it in!)....he told me I could post his designs here rather than waiting for him to post them over at duckduckgorilla. YAY!

These are what he did with my sketches....kind of some brilliant design, no? There is nothing like working with someone who makes your work better.

Although my favourite of the designs has nothing to do with my work....pure design work.

Sketches and inkings are below...

Sunday, May 5, 2013


In my pantheon, Tomie dePaola is the top of the heap.

Strega Nona was my first book report. Met him from afar in first grade (a young author's conference...which were so much fun)...it was the first time I ever even thought that drawing could be a job. I've been hooked ever since.

My daughter is just as bad. This is her at preschool dressed as Strega Nona for Halloween <the year before she was Ian Falconer's Olivia, the year after, Lauren Child's Lola....all her own choices....because she is awesome>.

It only seemed right that this prompt was a dePaola tribute piece. This is my love letter. Thank you Mr. dePaola.



 All characters © Tomie dePaola