Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm really stretching these prompts to fit what I want to post these last couple of weeks! <grin> But, these are URBAN, promise.....

OK....backstory.....I get a message from my cross country, covet his color and vector work; always slightly <just slightly> intimidated by, one of my favourite people in the world...and he's asking for a favour. (in the 25 some odd years I've known him, John has NEVER asked me for a work favour....NEVER.).

Even better...he gave me these specs
"I would love to have a "Fighting Blue Flame" and "Fighting Orange" on skates"
Super fun, right? He wants ME to sketch up some illustrations for the San Diego Derby Dolls? Sign me up!

I whipped these sketches up in a matter of about 20 minutes or so....(I'm not going to give him a chance to come to his senses and decided to draw these himself...which he is MORE than capable of doing).

WHEE! Everybody digs them...<whew!>.....I get to ink them too? Fantastic. I ink them twice....because I'm a perfectionist, John is a perfectionist (that is an understatement) and these are for awesome derby chicks...<who I want to BE when I grow up and get better healthcare>.

Best news ever? John's going to do the color work. BLISS! His vector work is AMAZING!

Want to see the finals? Hop on over to

OH......How is this URBAN? San Diego is a city, right? <grin> Thanks so much to the San Diego Derby Dolls for letting me play with them....can't wait to see what they come up with!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Simply AWESOME!!!!

    I'm a bit disappointed you did not get a reply to your question in the previous post. I am interested in the answer as well.... I've heard the annual conference is a wealth of invaluable info & feedback, but not much about anything else...

    1. If I find anything out, I'll pass along the info....then we can meet and get that cup of coffee!