Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cracked it...I think...

I've been AWOL.....tons to do before I take a really selfish week vacation (which I haven't done in about 8 or 9 I'm ready). Trying to wrap up lots of little loose ends and some right down to the wire projects.

BUT........I think I've finally cracked the "I hate my color work" bubble. Playing around with the Amish guy last night after a beer. (man does that sound wrong) And came up with this.....

It's simple. It's easy to do and duplicate.....and best of all....I like it......<I think>. WHEE! More stuff to come in March.


  1. Great job sticking to it. Color work looks fantastic.

  2. Looks great!!! Congrats on figuring it out! Now you can RELAX on your vacation!!! Enjoy - - it's been 13 years since I've taken a real one!!!

  3. Thanks Jen and Mit! It was not an easy stick...and it took a lot of swearing and temper tantrums...but, fingers crossed this will stick.