Monday, January 28, 2013

IF-wings (more)

A couple of sketches and inkings I did about a month back. I hope I get a chance to color these this week.

Original sketches. Was playing with the differences between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. One's all curves, the other's all angles. And they both have great hands to play with.

For some reason, I can't remember why, I decided they needed to be birds...... I flipped Fred..thought it would work better if he was this way with the Gene bird. Made an unsuccessful costume change to Gene.

And the inkings. Minor tweaks to Gene and a costume change...while not as instant as the Singing in the Rain costume, the American in Paris outfit makes more sense the to body style and the rolled up pants are signature Gene Kelly too. I'll post if I color....really want to color....(I haven't said that in a LONG time! yay!)


  1. Simply AWESOME movement in all of these! The birds are such dynamic characters! So creative!!

    1. Mit, I so want you to live closer so we can grab coffee and chat. You are the best! Thank you.