Sunday, November 25, 2012


Whiskers equal facial hair. Santa is the king of facial hair. I started thinking that he's a rather dapper lad and would have experimented with his beard and mustache as the fashions came and went.

I'm a sucker for period costumes, research, and character design (none of those pesky backgrounds). I had a blast with these. If they ever go to color they will all be variations of Santa with red suits and white beards. I don't think they'll stay together as a group, I just put them together for easy viewing.

But, right now, I'm at odds with my color work...I just can't make it work. So, I'm boycotting color for a while. Maybe the silent treatment will bring it back around.




  1. Great character exploration, and Great Mustaches/whiskers. You can see how much you enjoy your period pieces and the costumes help tell each story, and compliments each character shape and design to help provide personality. Great work I really like it.

  2. I love these characters!! They are just brilliant and have so much personality. I too struggle with the color thing...I LOVE my sketches, and even inking...but when I start adding color I really don't like the way it looks. Not sure what to do but keep plugging away. Maybe I should take a break from color too....
    very well done!

  3. Love these guys!! Each one is so unique, despite their united affinity for facial hair!