Monday, November 12, 2012


Love the pencils.

Love the inking.

Wrestling with the color....but, in the true spirit of this being a sketchblog, I'm posting the failures.

color trial 1-meh

color trial 2-still meh.

I'm flogging the color to death. It needs simple, clean watercolor Quentin Blake washes. Not my forte, but maybe the third time will be the charm...I'll keep you posted if I give the color another go.

Thanks for letting me ramble....

...The saga continues.....

I took it to greyscale so that I could built my contrasts....and that helped me to get a handle on this piece...

Finally, I think this is passable. Or at least closer to what I wanted it to look like. Thanks for the help Jenn and Mit....the monochromatic worked. I think I've flogged this piece enough...whew! Onto the next one.


  1. What about monochromatic? All blue hues. Love this sketch and your willingness to post your trials. I struggle with doing that but you make me realize I need to do it more.

  2. That might do the trick! At least I could build the contrasts...that is my main problem is I haven't been able to build the contrasts that I like....Monochromatic might do the trick! Thanks Jenn! I'll post it when I try it!

  3. Love it! The tree has such wonderful personality! And the wind-up action is just awesome! Its funny how the 2 colored versions each have such a different feel to them! Thanks for posting your trials....really interesting! I like Jenn's monochromatic idea too!

  4. I love the final color! I also like the first color trial, but not the second one as much. Such a fun image! Lots of energy and she is so cute! I love the sky and that far line of trees.

  5. Wonderful sketch!! Thanks for the walk through!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your trials! I love seeing your process. I have a quick question thoug-you use a blue pencil for your initial drawings-then go over with the pencil. What kind of blue pencil is it? I feel like a dork for asking....but I figure what the heck....

    1. Hi Heather....nope, I'm a bigger dork for still using them!

      It's an old habit....I use Prismacolor Non-Photo Blue Pencils...and go over them with Prismacolor Warm Grey 90%. At my first job, all of the illustrators used them...they didn't smear and after you went over them with a darker pencil or inking, the blue pencil didn't show up in reproduction. Now, I can't sketch with anything else.