Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This is not from my imagination. My friend Billy Beck came up with this one when he was about 8. He decided that his toothfairy wore a pinstriped suit and carried a briefcase full of teeth. The image has haunted me for 30 some odd years.

Here's the sketch....I originally had delusions of doing a full blown, full page illustration. Then, I realized that I had no desire to draw the kid.

...and the inking....
.....and final.
Had a chance to play with one of my favourite artist friends and all around good guy this week....he's over at

I covet his color technique.


  1. What a wonderful illustration! Great concept for this week's Illustration Friday theme!

  2. Ha ha! This is great!!! Love the brief case!!!! I left you a surprise on my blog this week - well deserved! Check it out under "imagination!"

    1. Mit you are did you know I love surprises! Seriously, thank you so much! Favour to be returned!