Sunday, August 26, 2012


IF story in which Jenn starts at one point and comes back to that same point.

I started watching "Inherit the Wind". A guy in the opening scene sounded just like Slim Pickens. I went to IMDB to see if it was him, it wasn't. Read all about Slim Pickens instead. He was an actual cowboy and is in the rodeo hall of fame. Forgot that I hadn't checked the IF prompt. Saw TALL. Thought Tall Tales. Went straight to Pecos Bill, because I love Pecos Bill. Pecos Bill on the Cyclone is my favourite of his stories. Pecos Bill riding a Cyclone had me looking up rodeo reference photos. Rodeo reference photos took me to Slim Pickens on the bomb in "Dr. Strangelove". "Dr. Strangelove" took me back to IMDB to of course read all about that movie. When I got there, the page was still up for "Inherit the Wind". I remembered that I was watching that movie, and turned it back on and started my sketch.

My life is like a deranged "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"

Anyhoo.....Here's the sketch.

....and the inking......

.....and the final.

Hope you like it....the process was way too much fun on this one.


  1. Awesome energy! So great in the loose sketch, and you were able to keep it in the final image.

  2. Haha! Great story and great progress pics. I love the illustration. It's got a cool mix of styles. Wonderful line work.

  3. I really like your style. I also like how you show a bit of the process on most of your posts. Great work overall.

  4. Sooooo fun! love it, the process too ;)

  5. it wrong I can totally relate to your story??! AWESOME illustration!! Love the combination of hard & soft lines, and the cow made me smile!

    1. I'm glad there's a kindred mind wandering spirit out there!

  6. Such a fun illustration! I love your process pics too!

  7. HAHA! Oh my G!!!!! This is awesome, but I gotta tell ya I am even more in LOVE with your opening paragraph and thought process!!!!! So glad I finally found your blog. I remember you from your ice cream cone post. Love your style. You are one fierce talent.