Thursday, June 21, 2012


This is the sketch I was working on for secret. I had the idea and I just wouldn't let go of it...I kept reworking and reworking, but I couldn't get it to quite work the way I wanted. Something about it just isn't right.

Then, after trying to ink it, I realized that I had jumped too quickly to cartoon and the proportions were off. I love Shire horses, but their feathered feet always throw me off. So, late last night I went back to source and did a quicky sketch of a Percheron horse in full tack.....keeping it in the correct proportions, but still staying stylized and cartoonish. I think I may go back to this one and ink and color after I get some on the paying work out of the way.....really like the face.

Sorry for the rambling.....I tend to do that. Can't wait to see the next prompt and what comes from that one.


  1. I like it... those gossipy horses....

  2. Excellent! I like your style.

  3. GREAT characters! Love both your feather-footed Shires and clean-legged Percheron! But especially love how the ones on the top accessorize from head to toe!(Literally!) The rollers are hilarious!