Friday, June 1, 2012


Been a super busy, nothing but working and working, crazy hectic month...HOORAY!

This is an older piece...but it fits the prompt. It's the lead piece in my portfolio and it's the direction I want to take my illustrations moving forward. I like every line having a reason and keeping the inking simple, then rendering things out and using collage to finish it up. I need to do more like this.....maybe next prompt.

Here's hoping to a slower month to be able to devote a little more time to working on more stuff like this...but, got to keep the bills paid so I can do more things like this.


  1. this is great....what wonderful personalities :)

  2. aww, I love their outfits!!!

  3. Great mix of styles! And very well-dressed canines, I must say.

  4. Very nice, I love that it looks like a collage. Love the patterns, too!