Thursday, April 19, 2012


Worked up this sketch and wanted to try and refine my digital inking.

But, I didn't do quite enough work on the sketch...too loose and I didn't work out all of the kinks that I needed too. Once I started inking, I realized it was like a vortex of weird tangents where the hind end of the dog the girl's foot and the box all came together. I'm on a tangent kick right now, a friend started pointing them out to me, and now I'm obsessed with them...good and bad.

This one is bad....kind of a black hole of tangents and I feel like it is the focal point of the illustration instead of the interaction between the two characters. Anyhoo, here's the inking when I realized the vortex.

I like how clean the inking is, love the characters (this has happened way too many times at my house) and I'm going to go back (when time and projects allow) and remove the puzzle box, add the girl's hand and move the dog slightly to the left. Then I want to take this one to color. I'll post whenever I can finish it. about tangents....jeesh....that was one wordy post!


  1. Great characters! The expression on the dog is priceless! I look forward to seeing them in color!

  2. Two great characters, and I love the dog. I really like the sketch, but I can see where you've got some overlap in the ink. I haven't the slightest clue how to do digital inking but overall I'd say great job!